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Dancing Classes for Pole Fitness Near Me

Pole Dancing Classes for Beginners

Pole Dancing Classes for Beginners

What are your goals as a pole fitness dancer? I was a beginner looking for pole fitness studio near me and pretty soon found one. Most pole fitness studios have certified instructors that will make you feel welcome and comfortable. You will have classes in pole dancing, yoga, boot camp, striptease, ballroom, lap dance, hip hop fusion and Pilates. Well, apart from the very much anticipated fun factor, pole fitness can help you lose between three hundred to four hundred calories per hour. It is a great cardiovascular and toning exercise. You get a full body workout.

For the beginners, there are seven levels of pole fitness dancing offered by a pole fitness studio near me. They include:

  1. Flirting Class

At this level, you learn ground moves where you have your pole as a dance partner. You will learn twenty beginner pole dance and floor moves. The moves are incorporated. They help to tone and tighten your body.

  1. Temptress Class

This class perfects the moves learned in level one. You identify the different elements of challenge and adjust your body for efficiency. At this level, you learn ten additional floor and dance moves which usher you to a well-choreographed routine.

  1. Vixen Class

This level boosts your confidence on the pole. You become one with your inner soul dancer making you feel sexy about your abilities while you learn the first handstand. Additionally you become more powerful. At this level, you learn twelve more dance moves that are advanced. You are now a vixen.

  1. Diva Class

You will be introduced to more challenging moves which include viewing the stage sideways and from above while you climb new heights. Your upper body strength increases and improves your cardiovascular abilities. You learn a Diva routine of fifteen new moves.

  1. Siren Class

You become emotionally and physically stronger as you become a sexy siren. It is time to take new risks and make your star shine. At this level you learn fifteen new pole, floor and dance moves. You need to let your body flow with the music to create a great visual art as a sexy siren.


  1. Goddess Class

You learn fifteen new pole dance and floor moves that blend very well. The art here is acrobatic.

  1. Queen Class

At this level, you become the best of the best. You strive to achieve higher pole fitness and dancing notch. You show off your body as you climb, hold and hang your body like a goddess.

Other pole fitness classes offered at the pole fitness studio near me include:

-Spinning Pole

-Pole Burn

-Bell pole fusion

-Pole tease

-Cougar Pole

-Pole chair flow

Belly Dancing:

This class focuses on belly rolls, isolation, hand fluidity and chimies. It also involves a choreographed dance schedule that shows the students how to incorporate moves together. Most of the songs used here are Arabic.

In this class, you learn how to engage the body muscles to achieve the best posture, but most importantly, you will get in touch with your inner goddess. Belly dancing is actually a celebration of life according to traditional customs.

A pole fitness studio near me is what I wanted and I found it. You too can get the best out of your inner pole dancing goddess.